Individuals Disabilities Education Act

Schools are required to ensure that any child suspected of having a disability is evaluated. If school staff suspects a disability, they will use the referral system at their school.

If you as a parent suspect that a disability may be affecting your child's progress in school, you should notify school administration or the school counselor of your concerns in writing. After notification, the school will look at all available progress indicators and either:

  1. determine there is sufficient evidence and conduct assessment in all related areas, or
  2. provide parents written notice that explains why we believe that assessment is not required at this time and a parent's recourse if they disagree with that decision.

If you know of any child with disabilities in western Benton County who is aged 0 through 21 years, even if they are not enrolled in the school system, encourage the child's parent(s) to contact Krista McGuyer at 541-929-8735 to learn about a variety of services available to them. 
ORS 343.157 and OAR 581-15-037

If you are a parent of a current special education student, please check out our SEAC web page for information about useful community resources.