English Language Development Program

The English Language Development Program in the Philomath School District 17J provides specialized English language instruction to students who are not yet fluent in English. Our program is designed to provide systematic English language development which supports students‘ acquisition of the English language and the teaching of Oregon’s English language Proficiency (ELP) Standards. For further details about Philomath’s ELD program see the District’s EL Plan .

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ELD Program Goals

ELD Program Goals


1.      Increase acquisition of language to support EL student success in rigorous core content.

2.      Increase students’ academic achievement in core academic subjects.

3.      Ensure that ELs graduate high school with a regular diploma at a rate equal to non-ELs.

4.      Ensure ELs have equal access to research based grade level instruction in all academic programs.

5.      Increase meaningful participation of ELs in all district programs.

6.      Increase depth of knowledge, academic language, and vocabulary in core content.

7.      Provide ongoing staff development and coaching designed to enhance teachers’ understanding of language acquisition and cultural sensitivity.

8.      Facilitate parent involvement and meaningful voice in the schools, community, and education of their children.

ELD Program Philosophy

ELD Program Philosophy


The vision of the Philomath School District is to graduate every student and transition each of them into a job, training, or college. The same rigorous goal applies to our EL students. The philosophy of the Philomath ELD program is to intensify our language supports for ELs in core content classes through embedding SIOP and AVID strategies, high expectations, and positive adult relationships into every learning environment.

Purpose of ELD Instruction

Purpose of English Language Development Instruction


While there are many opportunities during the course of a day in a language-rich classroom environment for language learning, merely being exposed or engaged in activities in English is not sufficient to assure the development of full academic language proficiency.  Limited-English proficient students must receive explicit instruction in the English language that is differentiated based on their English language proficiency levels. Effective language development teaches competency in the functions, forms, syntax, and vocabulary of the English language. ELD instruction provides many opportunities to develop oral and written fluency. Developing English learners’ language is crucial to supporting their literacy development.

The Philomath School District utilizes an ELD pull-out or push in instructional approach to address the language acquisition needs of English Language Learners.  Based on low numbers of students at each grade level, this model meets the needs for our English Language Development (ELD) program.  In the regular classroom, trained classroom teachers use Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) and AVID strategies to support language development in regular content areas.

The ELD classes teach acquisition of English language skills so that ELs can meaningfully access and participate in academic English only mainstream classrooms. The ELD curriculum promotes academic vocabulary and language within an academically rich curriculum in order to increase student’s skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  At the elementary level, the National Geographic/Cengage Reach curriculum is used as the text for grades K through 5.  At the middle school level, the National Geographic/Cengage Inside curriculum is used as the text for grades 6-8.  At the high school level, the National Geographic/Cengage Edge curriculum is used as the text for grades 9-12. 

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