Special Programs


Philomath School District Special Programs and Student Services


The Department of Special Programs and Student Services directly oversees and/or assists with the administration, coordination and implementation of a variety of school district programs and initiatives designed to support student achievement and well-being in an inclusive environment.   Our mission is to increase student achievement and ensure post-secondary readiness by developing policies, strengthening instructional practices and fostering conditions necessary to empower networks, school leaders and teachers to promote high standards and equitable access to effective school environments and programs.

We provide instructional services and support for students throughout Philomath School District. In order to effectively lead, support, and coordinate the variety of programs, department staff work with district staff, administrators, teachers, outside agencies, community members, parents and students as appropriate. This office is responsible for the planning, implementation and compliance monitoring of the following  programs and services:

  • Special Education
  •  Section 504
  •  Talented and Gifted
  •  English Language Development
  • Title 1A
  • Homeless Family Services


  •     All students can learn and will rise to our high expectations.
  •     School culture significantly impacts student achievement.
  •     All students deserve access to high quality core instruction in the least restrictive environment.
  •     Learning is enhanced by passionate teachers who pursue expertise in their fields and are highly valued by the entire community.
  •     Learning must include the ability to relate effectively amidst diverse cultures within a global economy.
  •     Education is a shared responsibility among students, educators, parents and community.

2023 Tax Exemption for Parents of Children with Disabilities


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Heather Stueve, Student Services Specialist
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 Chris Jensen, Admin. Assistant
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