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Freshman Connection

Freshman Connection Survey 

ASB is hosting a program to connect freshmen with other members of the high school student body as we get ready to return to in-person school. Our goal is to make the transition to high school easier for everyone who is just getting started at PHS, and maybe build some friendships along the way.

If you are interested in meeting some people from the high school who share your interests, we will help you make those connections. Share some information on this form, so that we can match you up with some people who want to help you get informed about and involved in some of the great organizations and activities that PHS has to offer. Even if you've never done a sport or activity, we can help you find out whether it is something that will interest you.

If you don't see something that interests you on the form below, we can still connect you with someone who you are compatible with just share some of your interests.

Go ahead! Get involved! Be part of what makes PHS great!

Philomath High School aims to offer a variety of activities and clubs to meet all student's needs. Activities provide students an opportunity to develop their skills through the involvement of organized events.