Mental Health

School based mental health resources
  • School counselors are available to support students with mental health needs. Please sign up in the counseling center or email your counselor to meet with them. 
  • Benton County Mental Health Adolescent Program and Trillium Health Services are available to meet with students on campus.
  • Community partners offer a variety of student groups that meet on campus during the school day such as grief & loss, girls circle, boys council, and pride circle. Interested students may check in with their school counselor.
Community mental health resources
  • Did you know you can send a message to Crisis Text Line on Facebook Chat and be connected with a crisis Counselor?
  • Benton County Crisis Line:  1-888-232-7192
  • Community Outreach Crisis Line: 541-758-3000
  • Feeling lonely or isolated? Text  OREGON to 741741.