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Counselor Assignments

Counselors are assigned to an entire class of freshmen and follow them through graduation. To see your counselor, come to the counseling center and sign-up. Sometimes they are available on a walk-in basis. Parents are encouraged to call or email for an appointment. For more information about class schedule and graduation requirements please visit our academic  page. For transcript  information please see below.

Counseling Registrar:
student academic counselor:
student academic counselor:
Mandy Misner , Registrar
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1131
Kim St. Clair , Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1831
Maria Drennen , Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1832

The PHS counseling program assures every student the opportunity to develop positive attitudes, knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve success in school and life. Counselors have a sound understanding of the needs and developmental abilities of teenagers, and are committed to positive education and growth for our students and our community. Students will have opportunities to develop in four areas consistent with the Oregon Framework for Guidance and Counseling Programs: Academic Development, Career Development, Personal/Social Development and Service Learning.


We provide services to students, parents, school staff and the community in the following areas:

Counseling and Guidance Curriculum: Consisting of lessons designed to aid students in gaining the skills and knowledge to demonstrate personal, social and academic growth, as well as to prepare and make appropriate decisions for career and life development.

Individual Planning: Assessment and direct activities relevant to student appraisal, advisement and placement. Topics include opportunities for career technical skills acquisition, college selection, financial aid, interest surveys, course selection, career exploration and portfolios.

Responsive Services: Both preventative and as immediate intervention during personal crisis. This may include individual counseling, consultation with parents, teachers or other professionals and referral to other school support services or community resources as needed.

Ethical Standards

As professional school counselors, we adhere to standards of practice that support your:

  • Right to respect and dignity as a unique human being;
  • Access to guidance and counseling program without prejudice or discrimination as to person, character, belief or practice;
  • Right to self-direction;
  • Right to choice and responsibility for your decisions;
  • Expectation of receiving guidance and counseling services that are within the accepted scope of practice relative to the training, education and professional credentials of counselors; and
  • Right to privacy and to our compliance to laws, policies and ethical standards relative to confidentiality.

We recognize and abide by the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards for School Counselors.


A note to our students:

Confidentiality means that the privacy of information that you share with your counselor belongs to you. You may share information with others as you wish, but confidentiality laws mandate your right to privacy. We will guard that privacy as much as is permitted by law, ethics, and school rules. We recognize the legal rights and responsibilities of parents in doing what is in the best interest of their children. You should know that there are exceptions where we are obligated to break confidentiality, including: imminent danger to yourself or others. State law also mandates reporting of child abuse. If we see a conversation moving in this direction we will let you know of our duty to report. Otherwise, what is said in our office between student and counselor stays between student and counselor.

Philomath School District School Counselors are professional school counselors who have a master’s degree or higher in school counseling and meet the Oregon Teacher and Standards Practices Commission for licensure.

Transcripts and Educational Verifications

Current students may order transcripts from the Counseling Center or through Parchment. "Official" transcripts are embossed, signed and placed in a sealed envelope.  Please allow sufficient time for processing. 

Current students and parents can get an unofficial transcript by logging into Wazzle and selecting Student Academic Record.  

Philomath High School has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely. Past students or places looking for Educational Verifications must Order Transcripts through Parchment.  This link will open a new browser. 



Q: How do I get to see my Counselor?
A: We are in room 131. You can come down any time to sign up to talk to your Counselor. Many times you can walk right in. Parents are encouraged to call or email to make an appointment.

Q: When can I change my schedule?
A: We ask that you set up your schedule for the year in August at registration. If you need to make changes during the school year, see your Counselor. You can drop and add classes during the first five days of the new term. You may drop a class during the first three weeks of the term but cannot add a new class after the first five days. Any classes dropped after three weeks will result in a fail for the class and will affect your academic record.

Q: Where are the SAT and ACT registration forms?
A: Sign up online at www.collegeboard.com  for SAT and www.act.org  for ACT. You'll need our school code, 380820, when you register.

Q: Where are the scholarship applications?
A: Scholarship applications can be found in the Counseling Center. A bulletin is updated frequently. We post this information in the Counseling Center and on the Counseling Center website. 

Q: What is the high school code?
A: 380820

Q: How do I request an official copy of my transcript?
A: Philomath High School has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely. This link will open a new browser. Past students must Order Transcripts through Parchment.  

Q: Can I have a copy of my academic record/transcript?
A: Yes, you may get a copy of your updated academic record. See the registrar or your counselor for a copy.

Q: Where do I find information about colleges?
A: The internet will give you the most up-to-date information. Talk with your counselor.

Q: Where will I find financial aid information?
A: We host a financial aid night each year. Talk to your counselor for information. You can always go to www.fasfa.ed.gov.

Q: What is my GPA/class rank?
A: See the registrar or your counselor for this information.

Q: How do I get a letter of recommendation?
A: To request a letter of recommendation, please fill out this form. These take a minimum of two weeks from the date requested. 

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