Participating in school approved athletics is a privilege that involves certain additional responsibilities. All student-athletes are expected to conform to the school regulations if they choose to participate as a member of a Philomath Athletic Team. In addition, athletic participants must meet Oregon School Activities Association academic standards. Refer to the PHS Athletic/Activities Handbook for complete list of standards.


  Tony Matta 
Athletic Director/
Vice Principal
Office 541-929-3211 ext. 1106
   Amanda Bauer 
Athletic & Activities Administrative Assistant
Office 541-929-2043

Athletic News 

  • First Day of Fall Practice - August 19th
  • Fall Sports Burn Bootcamp Event - August 24th @ 4 PM, Main Gym - Liability Release Form 
    • Available to current Philomath High School Fall Athletes
  • Run 5K for the Health of It!  - October 5th @ 8:30 AM - Flier / Registration 
    • All proceeds from this 5K run/walk will benefit local high school athletic departments through The Corvallis Clinic Foundation
  • Winter Sports Parent Meeting - Thursday, November 14th, 7pm, PHS Auditorium

Sports Registration

Fall Sports Important Dates (2019-2020 School Year)

  August 5th - FamilyID Registration Opens  
  August 8th @ 7 PM in the Auditorium - Fall Sports Parent Meeting  

General Registration Information

  Parents of high school students wanting to participate in athletics must register using FamilyID . FamilyID is a secure, user-friendly online registration platform that streamlines the application process and allows parents to enter information once for multiple family members and athletic teams.   
  FamilyID Instructions for Parents - English 
  FamilyID Instructions for Parents - Spanish 
  Sports Participation Fees:
   -1st Sport - $175                                 
  -2nd Sport - $150            
  -3rd & Additional Sports - $125  

Registration Process

  Register online through FamilyID .
   Bring your sports physical, if applicable, to the PHS Athletics & Activities office.
  Sports physicals are valid for 2 years. Only OSAA sports physical forms updated May 2017 are accepted.
  Sports participation fees can be paid at the PHS Athletics & Activities office. 
  Payment methods: Cash, Check, Card
  All student athletes must be cleared of any outstanding sports fees and/or fines.

Athletic Forms, Handbook & Policies


Athletic Forms

General Forms:
    Dual Sports Participation Contract 19-20
Eligibility Forms:
    Foreign Student Eligibility Checklist 
    Student Intent to Transfer Certificate 
Medical Forms:
    Concussion - Return to Learn  
    Concussion - Return to Participation 
    Physical Examination - English
    Physical Examination - Spanish
    Wrestling Medical Release to Participate 
Transportation Forms:
    Approved Driver 
    Alternate Transportation From A Contest 

Athletic Handbook

    Philomath High School's Athletic & Activities Handbook (coming soon)

Athletic Policies

    Concussion Management Policy (coming soon)
     Philomath School District's Board Policies 

Athletic Fundraisers


  • Warrior Buttons & Magnets - For more information, please contact the Athletics & Activities Office
  • Willamette Valley Pie Company - Sept. 9th-Oct. 7th- For more information, please contact the Athletics Office
  • Cornhole Board Raffle - Raffle Tickets will be available during our home varsity football games


  • Custom Hydroflask Orders - Summer 2019 - For more information, please contact the Athletics & Activities Office
  • Car Wash - August 2019 - For more information, please contact the Athletics & Activities Office
  • Poinsettia Sale - October-November 2019 - For more information, please contact the Athletics & Activities Office


  • Discount Cards - August 22nd-August 31st - For more information, please contact the Athletics & Activities Office

Athletic Trainer

Trainer Information

   Kaleigh Phillips
  The Philomath School District has partnered with PT Northwest  to provide athletic training services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  Athletic trainers are allied healthcare professionals who enhance the quality of healthcare for the physically active population. Athletic trainers are trained to deal with injuries that occur in sports, and typically work with other healthcare professionals who collectively form a sports medicine team. Members of this team include physicians, the physician assistant, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists, and other medical support personnel.
  The athletic trainers governing body is the National Athletic Trainers Association. The NATA establishes the standards of practice, and code of ethics for all athletic training professionals to abide by. Certified athletic trainers work in a variety of settings including secondary schools, school districts, colleges, universities, professional sports teams, and sports medicine clinics.
  The six major performance domains of practice established by the NATA are listed as follows:
  1. Prevention
  2. Recognition, evaluation, and assessment of injuries
  3. Immediate care of inuries
  4. Treatment, rehabilitation, and recondition of athletic injuries
  5. Healthcare administration
  6. Professional development and responsibility

Athletic Training Room Hours

  Practice Days Without Games: 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  Game Days: 2:00 pm - End of Competition
  Athletic Training hours are subject to change based on holidays, and school closures.
  If there is an emergency, Call 9-1-1.
  If nobody is in the training room, please check in the gym or look at the white board outside the athletic trainer's room.

Athletic Training Room Rules

  • Student athletes with practice starting at 3:30-3:45 pm have first priority.
  • Athletes should plan on arriving 15-20 minutes prior to commencing practices.
  • Please arrive to scheduled evaluations and appointments on-time.
  • Please arrive wearing appropriate clothing for evaluations and rehab.
  • If you are using the whirlpool, please bring extra clothing to change into. Wear appropriate clothing (i.e. shorts, compression shorts, spandex, tank top, and sports bra) while in the whirlpool.
  • Please place wet or dirty towels in the white laundry hamper when finished.
  • If you want to participate in strength training & conditioning, please alert a staff member, and you will be given a program when pre-practice treatment is finished after 3:45 pm.
  • No loitering in the athletic training room. If we are not busy, please feel free to stop by and say hello.
  • Music is encouraged in the ATR and weight room. Please make sure music is clean, free of profanity.
  • Please be respectful of the ATR and refrain from the following:
    • Using profanity, being inpatient, and being rude to others.
    • Leaving garbage, tape, or pre-wrap on the floor, or taping tables.
    • Leaving ice-bags in the sink (please empty ice in sink, and dispose bag in trash)
  • Please refill ice cups when finished, and place inside freezer for future use.
  • Place heat packs into hydroculator when not in use. Neatly restack terry cloth covers.
  • Sports Medicine staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items from the ATR.

Protocols and Resources

  Concussion Protocol 
  ImPact Testing (coming soon)

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) - College Athletics

General Information


If you plan to play sports in college, you must become a "qualifier" through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility Center. College-bound athletes have to meet certain requirements in order to participate.


Becoming a college athlete begins by making an appointment with your school counselor. They will be able to guide you on planning your path.

  For more information and resources, visit the NCAA's Eligibility Center  .

OSAA (Oregon School Activities Association) - High School Athletics

General Information


The Oregon School Activities Association, OSAA, is a non-profit, board-governed organization comprised of its member schools, both private and public. The OSAA is dedicated to ensuring equitable competition for Oregon high school students through OSAA-sponsored events. The foundation for that goal lies in a belief that no school, team or individual should be treated as any more or less than another.

OSAA standardized rules of eligibility and competition, and put in place a standard of education regarding participation in interscholastic activities. Administered equally and fairly, OSAA policies strive to allow no one school to outweigh its brethren.

Parents & Students

   At its core, the OSAA strives to programs for high school students throughout Oregon. For more information on OSAA, its policies and forms, and for additional resources, visit:
  OSAA for Parents and Students 

Philomath Booster Club

Philomath Booster Club (PBC)

General Information

   The Philomath Booster Club (PBC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the experience and enjoyment of athletics and activities by the entire Philomath community - our student athletes, fellow students, families, alumni, faculty, and friends. The PBC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All parents and community members are invited to become involved in PBC activities. The PBC augments Philomath athletic and activity programs at Philomath Middle School and Philomath High School with contributions (in the form of volunteer hours, goods, services, and funding).
  For information on the PBC's charter and by-laws, visit:

Contact Information

  Philomath Boosters 
  Philomath Booster Club 

Officers and Board Members

   President: Kevin Berklund Board Member: Jaime Williams
  Vice President: Sean Kutzler Board Member: Jill Chambers
  Treasurer: Debbie Parsons Board Member: Steve Brattain
  Secretary: Christine Jensen Board Member: Tony Matta
  For more information, visit the PBC's Board Members page .



Philomath Booster Club meetings are generally held the 2nd Monday of every month (Sept. - Jun.) at 6:30 PM and usually last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Meetings are held at the Philomath High School in the Community Conference Room.

  Anyone interested in supporting Philomath athletics and activities is encouraged to come to the meetings. You don't have to be a member to attend! Come find out what is going on, share your ideas, and get involved!
  For more information, visit:
  Next Meeting: Monday, June 10th @ 6:30 PM
  Meeting Schedule 
  General Agenda 


  All parents and community members are invited to become involved in PBC activities. The PBC augments the athletic and activity programs in Philomath with contributions (in the form of volunteer hours, goods, services, and funding).
  For more information, visit the PBC's Membership page .

Warrior Wear

  For more information, visit the PBC's Warrior Wear page .

Volunteer Opportunities

  For more information, visit the PBC's Volunteer Opportunities page .


  For information on the PBC's fundraisers, visit:
  Golf Scramble
  Warrior Classic


  For information on the PBC's scholarships, visit:
  Brian and Jackie Thorsness Scholarship 

Funding Requests

  For information on the PBC's funding requests, visit:
  Sports Waivers 
  Special Requests 


    Ticket Prices

    Regular Games:

    • Adults - $5
    • Reserved Seats (one game)* - $6 *available for Varsity football and basketball games
    • Senior Citizens (65+) - Free
    • Students' grades K-12* - $3 *students in grades K-5 must be accompanied by an adult
    • PHS Students w/Validated ASB Card - Free
    • Children under the age of 6 - Free
      Note: Regular Game ticket prices are set by the Oregon West Conference. 

    Endowment Games:

    • Adults - $6
    • Students - $4
      No passes shall be accepted except for the OSAA Media Pass, which will admit the bearer only with photo ID, are to honored at any OSAA Foundation Endowment Game. No OSAA Gold Cards, OSAA VIP, school, athletic district, officials association, etc., are to be accepted.
      Note: Endowment Game ticket prices are set by the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA).

    State Play-Off Games:

    • Adults - $8
    • Students* - $5 *any child age 5 & up through a senior in high school
      Only the OSAA Gold Card, OSAA VIP pass, OSAA Media pass, Media Pass and Discount Ticket, which will admit the bearer only with photo ID, are to be honored at any OSAA State Championship event. No school, athletic district, officials association, etc., passes are to he accepted.
      Note: Endowment Game ticket prices are set by the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA).

    Volunteer Opportunities

    The Philomath Booster Club and the Philomath High School Athletic Department are current seeking volunteers for:

    Football Admissions Gate

    Football Concessions

    Volleyball Admissions Gate & Team Volunteering

    Volleyball Concessions

    Youth Camps

    General Information

      We currently do not have any youth camps scheduled at this time.    

    Warrior Wear, Letterman Jackets & Letterman Bags

    Warrior Wear


    Warrior Wear is available to purchase through the Philomath Booster Club.

    For more information, visit the PBC's Warrior Wear page .

    Letterman Jackets & Bags


    A letterman jacket or a letterman bag is a way for students to represent school and team pride as well as to display personal awards earned in athletics, academics or activities. 

    For more information on purchasing a letterman jacket or letterman bag, please contact the athletics & activities office at 541-929-2043.