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Academic Information

Philomath High School offers a wide variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of all students. We have 5 periods and utilize a trimester schedule to allow time for in-depth coverage of material. Please visit our counseling  page for additional information and services available.

For information on enrolling your student at Philomath High School, please see the Registration and Enrollment  page on the Philomath School District site


Counseling Department

Class of
2020 and 2022
student academic counselor:
Class of
2021 and 2023
student academic counselor:

Mandy Misner  , Registrar
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1131
Kim St. Clair , Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1831
Beth Edgemon , Counselor
Phone: 541-929-3211 ext. 1832

Grad Plans and Course Catalog

Class of 2023 - 4 year plan grad year 2023 

Class of 2022 - 4 year plan grad year 2022 

Class of 2021 - 4 year plan grad year 2021 

Class of 2020 - 4 year plan grad year 2020 

2019 - 2020  Course Catalog 

Beyond PHS

Philomath High School has joined with Linn Benton Community College to expand options to students that will allow them to take college classes while enrolled in high school. This program is for students that are at least 16 years old. See the attached files for more information and talk to your school counselor about the options available to you. This is a great opportunity for PHS students.

Summer School

For more information, please contact:  Dr. Dan Johnson  at 541-929-3211