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Quick Guide: When to keep your student at home


Use of Medical Equipment

Child Abuse Prevention

Oregon State Children's Health Insurance 

If your children are without health insurance, please go to this website for the state children's health insurance plan, "Healthy Kids".

Oregon State Children's Health Insurance Program
All Oregon children should be eligible for state health insurance;  either the free plan, the insurance pool or the subsidized employer plan. 
Apply online, or call Community Services Consortium at 541-752-1010 to make an appointment for assistance.

Immunization Information

Oregon law requires the following vaccinations for entering kindergarten students: 

  • Dtap 5 doses
  • Polio 4 doses
  • Hepatitis B 3 doses
  • Hepatitis A 2 doses 
  • MMR 2 doses
  • Varicella 1 dose, or history of having had chicken pox

Proof of vaccination, or a valid exemption, must be on file in the school office before kindergarten students may attend. 

Required Immunizations, School Bus Flyer:  English pdf   Spanish pdf

Common Questions Regarding Immunizations  pdf

Online Learning and School Immunizations FAQ

Immunization Vaccine Data

Choosing to vaccinate one’s children protects not only them from disease but the entire community—including those who can’t be immunized because of age or medical condition.

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