Middle/High Schedule

In preparation for Oregon's "Distance Learning for All," we are providing a schedule and information on accessing content. 


Please feel free to contact teachers if you have any issues with access to materials, or need them provided in an alternate format. 


***Middle/High Teachers are using Google Classroom for coursework and meetings***


Students will need to log in to their kvschool.org accounts in order to access links to meetings. Other access/login/password information may be sent to student emails, so students should check email regularly to be informed.   


Once logged in to the kvschool account, students should go to the menu in the upper right and select google classroom.


There is a "join" code for each class the student has (this is sent via email from the teacher*).  Once the student has "joined" each Google class, they will be able to see all content and use the calendar to see what's happening, and when.


*note that some teachers are finalizing their google classroom and will send a link soon, if it hasn't arrived yet. 


If your student is having issues with email or internet access, please contact Jamon Ellingson. 

Distance Learning "Schedule" for middle-high

Students can access content according to the schedule, or whenever it is feasible for the student/family. There is no requirement to "follow" the schedule; it is just a guideline to provide structure and help students know when content will be updated.   **Update:  Teachers will be available via email until 3pm daily**


Download a PDF of the schedule HERE


Schedule for Distance Learning Middle High