School Lunch Info

Lunch Information

All lunches served with a vegetable, fruit, salad bar, and milk. PBJ available everyday. Students also have the choice of water as a beverage.

Price:  Breakfast  $1.75  (reduced program breakfast is free)

Lunch  $3.25 (reduced  .40)

Adult Lunch $3.75

Menu subject to change without notice.


Milk ala carte:  $ .75  (Chocolate Milk is available on Fridays)

Silk Soy Milk - $1/glass (not part of free/reduced lunch)

Juice ala carte: $ .75 (Breakfast only)

School Lunch is available to all students at no charge for 2020-2021 school year. 


See THIS LINK for the Breakfast/Lunch menu for May/June 2021 (google slides). There is one slide for Elementary, and one for Middle/High, since Hybrid schedules are different for those grade levels. 


MEAL REQUEST FORM Link for 20-21 - please fill this out to be added to our KVCS nutrition program list. We will contact families with delivery locations and times.  




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