Online Grades Portal

Parents of students in grades 6-12 can use Canvas to view course grade and assignment information.  This can be an important tool to support students' learning.

Parent logins are separate from the student and other parent(s).

 You can contact the class teacher if there are questions about assignments, tests, or progress.   You can contact the main office if there are questions regarding attendance.   Contact Melody Castle if you need help with login to Canvas.


For high school students, parents can access an unofficial transcript from a different platform called Wazzle. Please contact the registrar to get access to Wazzle. This can be helpful if needed for insurance, athletics, or other applications. *9th graders will not have a transcript until the completion of Semester 1.   (Official Transcripts (signed and sealed) can be requested by students through our online transcript request form.  Students need to log in to their school account; parents need to sign the request.)

Wazzle can also show Attendance information.  Grade information is also in Wazzle for previous years; however, Canvas will always have the most current grade information for the current school year. 


Wazzle - High School Unofficial Transcripts


KVCS Title IX Information

Kari-Anne Gonzalez:  Title IX Coordinator and Investigator 

Athena Lodge: Decision Maker

Diana Barnhart: Appeals

Title IX Grievance Process (link to google doc)