Health Information

KVCS works with the Philomath School District health services.  See information on that page for further details. 


COVID-19 Information and Resources


Immunization Information

Oregon law requires the following vaccinations for entering Kindergarten students: 

  • Dtap 5 doses
  • Polio 4 doses
  • Hepatitis B 3 doses
  • Hepatitis A 2 doses 
  • MMR 2 doses
  • Varicella 1 dose, or history of having had chicken pox

Proof of vaccination, or a valid exemption, must be on file in the school office before Kindergarten students may attend. 

Common Questions Regarding Immunizations 

KVCS Title IX Information

Jessica Kinsey:  Title IX Coordinator and Investigator 

Athena Lodge: Decision Maker

Diana Barnhart: Appeals

Title IX Grievance Process (link to google doc)