School Supply Lists

For the 20-21 school year, KVCS will be providing basic school supplies in regular deliveries, as well as those needed for projects.  You are welcome to purchase your own supplies if desired. 


Click on the items below to get to the .pdf file

Preschool  (Nina Petrovich)

Kindergarten (Maxine Hanson)

1-2 Classroom (Jannet Kohanek)

2-3 Classroom (Kevin Lepley)

3-4 Classroom (Athena Lodge/Kari-Anne Gonzalez)

4-5 Classroom (Stacey Zaback)


Middle School and High School (6-12):

Typically, we ask students to bring the basics on the first day (binder with loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils).  They will get specific information from each teacher/syllabus.