Employability Scores

Employability Scores  (E-Scores) do NOT go on student transcripts; they are given as a separate report, only to parents/students.


E-Scores are cumulative over a student's time in high school.  


What are Employability Scores?

These scores were designed by the Albany School District, in partnership with local businesses/employers.  Those employers were consistently asking for 3 things from potential employees:


1.    Will they show up to work on time? (#1 reason people are terminated)

2.    Will they complete required work in a timely and accurate manner?

3.    Will they get along with other employees and work well collaboratively?


The following measure was developed based on those desired traits.


A total “Employability Score” is generated on a scale from 5 (best) to 1 (lowest) and is based on:


  • 40%- Attendance: From student’s attendance data.

  • 20% Timeliness: From student’s unexcused “tardy” data.

  • 10% Behavior: From student’s inappropriate behavior incidents.

  • 30% “Professional Skills”: An average of all teachers’ scores for 2 areas, using a scoring guide. These are part of Oregon’s Essential Skills (#9).

    • 1. Completion of assignments- timeliness (is there late work or missing work) and accuracy of work done.

    • 2. Ability to work well with others – cooperation and respect in the classroom.

Students will receive E-scores only TWICE a year, after the end of each semester. Please see the following PDF documents for more details on E-Scores:


Parent Letter about Employability Scores 

Rubric for teacher evaluation of "Professional Skills" 


Students can choose to give these scores to potential employers, or volunteer opportunities, as a way of showing they have strong skills that are in demand today. They can also include it on a resumé.  Some businesses may ask for E-Scores as part of the job application process.


We hope this will have a positive effect on students as they recognize how good habits are desired by employers and how their habits with school work and attendance cross over to the employment realm. Ultimately we want all students to have success in employment opportunities, wherever the future takes them.