High School

Welcome! Small class sizes, a rural environment, being known by staff and peers, personalized advising, extended field trips, and opportunities for challenging coursework make KVCS a unique high school experience!

collage of students participating in activities at LBCC

High School Students participate in LBCC's Manufacturing Day

Machine Tool, Mechatronics, Welding, Water and Environmental Tech, CADD, Automotive and Heavy Diesel.

Students create fake blood spatters for pattern analysis in Chemistry

Students drip (fake) blood to do pattern analysis in Chemistry

Students volunteering at the Kings Crossing Shop

Learning sales, marketing, and business skills at Kings Crossing

Students climbing around the Peter Iredale Ship Wreckage

High School Students at the wreckage of the Peter Iredale near Fort Stevens

Students learning to make pasta during their Italian language class

Learning to make pasta in Italian!

Wooden Spoon being hand-carved

Students learn to hand-carve wooden spoons

Action shot of spoon being carved with woodchips in air
Students standing in front of wind turbine

High School students take extended, hands-on field trips to locations throughout Oregon!

Students volunteering in Umpqua Ice cream trailer at Independence Days

Fundraiser opportunity with Upqua Ice Cream at Independence Days!

Students working on culinary skills in the KVCS kitchen

Students learning culinary skills

High School Students trying out the %22Green Screen%22 used in broadcasting
Students in front of Eiffel Tower

Students have the opportunity to practice their languages on a trip to Italy or France with EF Tours

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Our High School/CEEB code is 380822


Language Arts

Adam Coe

Photo A Coe

English Literature

World Literature

AP Literature

Honors American Literature

Digital Media

Mr. Coe's website

Will Andrews

Photo W. Andrews

Writing Lab

Mr. Andrews' website



Dan Bixler

Photo D Bixler

Algebra 1


Algebra 2


AP Calculus

Social Studies

Will Andrews

Photo W. Andrews

Global Issues

AP US History

Humanities/AP Government

AP Human Geography

Mr. Andrews' website

Mr. Andrews earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (minor in World History) from Colorado State University and a Master's Degree in Teaching from WOU. "I've been teaching at KVCS since 2012, and I have worked for the College Board as an A.P. Reader for four years. I have also attended three A.P. summer seminars in U.S. History, Government, and Human Geography. My son attended KVCS from first grade through 12th and is now a junior at Oregon Institute of Technology. KVCS was a wonderful place for him and he was very well prepared for college and for life."


Inger-Lis Nielsen

Photo of I Nielsen


Biology; AP Biology

Physical Science

Anatomy and Physiology

Dan Bixler

Photo D Bixler

AP Physics

AP Environmental Science




Physical Education and Health

Ronnie Simmons

Photo R Simmons

Coach Ronnie is also the Athletic Director and works to connect students with athletic opportunities with Co-Op teams and home districts. 

Health Textbook Site


French and Italian

CTE - Culinary Program

Diana Barnhart

Visit the website for more info on this program - this site is designed and maintained by students


Our LAUNCH! series of courses provides opportunities for students to explore career options, set and reflect on goals, practice service-learning and leadership, put together presentations, and be prepared for post-high school life. 

LAUNCH! 4 = Freshmen  Website

LAUNCH! 3 = Sophomores Website

These are taught by Tamara Sprague


LAUNCH! 2 = Juniors

LAUNCH! 1 = Seniors 

Senior Career Internship

These are taught by Adam Coe

Graduation & Post-High School Planning

The staff at KVCS work together to support student learning and progress throughout high school and beyond. There are several ways we help prepare students for life after graduation.

Melody Castle

Photo M Castle

Melody has a Bachelor's Degree in Middle/High Language Arts Education from WOU, has taught at Corvallis High School, and has worked at KVCS since 2006. 

  • Academic Advising:  Melody Castle is the middle/high Registrar, as well as the Academic Adviser for students.  She works to check in on meeting ODE graduation requirements for credits and Essential Skills, assists students in finding opportunities to expand learning, taking steps for post-high school education, finding scholarships and other financial aid, and any other ways that students or families would like support during high school. You can get helpful information from Mrs. Castle's Academic Advising website. 
  • Career-Related Learning Opportunities
    • LAUNCH! Classes help students explore careers, find out their interests and skills, learn project management and speaking skills, and build up "Soft Skills" that are in demand by employers. 
    • Advisory classes give students time to organize, plan, and get needed support from teachers at the beginning of the day. They also work on teambuilding and community-building within the school.  Students complete Personalized Learning Graduation Requirements during this class.
    • Internships: Adam Coe coordinates internship opportunities that students seek out.  This helps them have relevant application of hard and soft skills to take into their futures. 

AP Courses and College Credit Opportunities

Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been a part of our curriculum since the beginning of our high school.  We want to offer students the opportunity to be challenged at the college level, to potentially earn college credit, and to be prepared for courses in higher education, should they pursue that option.   AP is a program designed by a test company called the College Board- the syllabus must be approved by them, and students take tests in May.  If a score is high enough on those tests, the student may qualify for college credit, depending on the course and institution. More information is available HERE

We offer a number of AP courses on a 2-year rotation (see lists under the subject areas, above). KVCS pays for students to take the AP tests if desired. 

CLEP Testing - College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is also offered by the College Board test company.  We offer CLEP testing for our Honors American Literature course.  These tests are taken at LBCC (we pay for the test and provide the transportation). CLEP test scores may also qualify for college credit if high enough. Students can take CLEP exams for any subject of interest - they can study on their own and test on their own, and earn college credit that way.  We do encourage students to pursue that option if desired.  More information is available HERE

College Now Courses

KVCS offers College Now credit though LBCC

We offer it for our AP Literature Course, and for our  CTE Culinary 2 course (students must complete prerequisite courses to qualify) 




Online Learning

For students who need support through online resources, KVCS has partnered with the Philomath School District to make the online program Edgenuity available for the 19-20 school year.   Edgenuity may also be used for Credit Recovery for some classes. 

Michael Chung is the online education coordinator.  

More information about Edgenuity is available here: 

Course Descriptions

Edgenuity Site


Extra Curricular

High School - Extended Field Trips