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Trophy for Most Creative Rube Goldberg Machine

Congratulations to our KVCS Rube Goldberg Competition Participants!  

On Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 some of our students in grades 4-8 worked in teams to build Rube Goldberg machines that would work to pump hand sanitizer- they had to include a rat trap and a rubber chicken, among other creative machine elements.  They had to present their projects to the judges. 4 KVCS teams competed against teams from 3 other schools.  This event was the culmination of a month of engagement in STEM and hands-on learning.  One of our teams brought home the prize for Machine Creativity!

Thank you to Ashbrook Independent School and the business sponsors for hosting and providing this opportunity, and to our coaches: Jannet Kohanek, Terrence Sims, Heather Stueve, Inger-Lis Nielsen, Chancy Ferguson, and Scott Castle.  Thank you to our KVCS parents & guardians for your support and generous donations!

Click this link to watch a video interview of our students, by the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

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