Enroll Students New to Philomath

Welcome to the Philomath School District! 
The following steps will help you navigate the process to enroll your student.

Registration includes completion of the following:


1. Gather Essential Documents

Please plan to bring the following documents when enrolling a new student:

  • Official birth certificate for students entering kindergarten or new to our district. If enrolling at PHS, a passport is also acceptable.
  • If your child is eligible for Special Education services, provide copy of the following, if applicable:

    • Current IEP
    • Evaluation for Special Education services
    • Current 504 plan
    • Individual Student Behavior Plan and/or
    • Individual Health Plan
  • Oregon law requires that a student reside within the school district boundaries OR have been approved for an inter-district transfer in order to enroll; however, inter-district transfers are currently closed.  Please contact school staff with any questions.
2.  Inter-District Transfer Form
         If you do not live in the Philomath School District, you must have a fully approved Inter-District Transfer form before you 
         can register your student. Contact the District Office at 541-929-3169 if you have any questions about this. 


3. Online Registration - Synergy ParentVue

Click on "create a new account" (if hidden, click on "more options") following the link below. Answer the questions and accept the privacy statement.  Create an account by entering a name and a working email address to receive an activation email.  Open email and use the link to create a password.  Once in ParentVue, click on "Begin Registration".

Synergy ParentVue Portal 

4. Philomath High School Only

Fill out the student information form below in addition to the Synergy registration.

Student Information Form

5. Attend school on-site registration in August 2024. See the schedule below.

Please complete online registration prior to attendance at the on-site registration. Limited computer access will be available on Registration Day for those without computer access at home.

6. Fill out additional forms, as needed. See below.

7. For questions or to schedule an appointment, see school contact information below.

On-site registration schedule

Other items to be completed as needed:

School contact information