Business Office

Just about everything that happens at the Philomath School District has a financial impact.  Thus, the mission of the Business Office is to be a good steward of the resources provided and to utilize efficiently those resources in order to support the district’s vision of Graduating EVERY student and transition each of them into a job, training, or college.

Some of what we do:

The business office exists to financially support the student's learning experience.

Our goals, in coordination with all our end users, are to:

  • Prepare an extensive, but comprehendible, budget document annually
  • Create annual financial audit reports which summarize district operations
  • Seek out all sources of potential funding to maximize available resources in order to meet district-wide goals and objectives
  • Support students, staff, board, and the community to ensure all district resources are properly used and accounted

Contact Information

1620 Applegate St
Philomath, OR 97370

Phone: 541-929-3169  
Fax: 541-929-3991  
Jennifer Griffith
Director of Finance and Operations
Mary Ackerman
Accounts Payable/Facilities 



Megan Caputo
Dawnelle Davis