Facilities Director

Joey DiGiovannangelo

Facilities Admin Assistant

Mary Ackermann

Facilities and Custodial Staff
Name Position
Ryan Vaughan Lead Maintenance
Kelly Whelchel District Maintenance I
Alex Cervantes Groundskeeper II
Christine Boggs Custodian - Clemens Primary
Joe DiGiovannangelo Custodian - Blodgett Elementary
Bobby Baier Custodian - Philomath Elementary
Steven Voong Custodian - Philomath Elementary
Rich Ruiz Custodian - Philomath Middle
Rolando B. Custodian - Philomath Middle
Jeff Williams Custodian - Philomath High
Martha Arredondo Custodian - Philomath High
Keith Spaulding Custodian - Philomath High

Welcome to the Facilities Department. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain a clean and safe learning environment for our students and staff as well as being committed to providing an inviting and reliable facility for our parents and community. Our departments consist of:


  • Cleaning of facilities and maintaining campuses.


  • Landscaping and Pest Control

District Maintenance:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • General Maintenance
  • HVAC
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

2020 Long Range Facilities Plan ReportHealthy and Safe School Plan for Philomath School District


Pesticides and Herbicides

The Facilities department of the Philomath School District must occasionally spot spray pesticides and herbicides in order to maintain the grounds of the district’s schools. Pesticides are sprayed around the buildings to control ants and termites. Pesticide spraying is done by the Good Earth Company of Philomath on weekends and non-school days. Herbicides are applied by Willamette Pest and Spray Service staff to playing fields and around fences on weekends and non-school days. 

The district applies the best practices policy of applying chemicals only when all other forms of pest control have been exhausted. All chemicals are applied by licensed applicators. Licenses, lists of chemicals used, and MSDS sheets for chemicals are available from the Facilities Department upon request. 

Spraying times will be posted on this web site 24 hours prior to application as well as at the facility or field during time of application.

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