Budget & Financial Information


On Monday, August 19, 2019, the Board of Directors of the Philomath School District will hold a Supplemental Budget Hearing in conjunction with its monthly board meeting.  The purpose of the hearing is allow for public comment surrounding a material change to the 2019-20 Adopted Budget.  At the time the budget was adopted, the timing and amount related to the construction of the community tennis courts was uncertain and thus was not included within the original budget.  As the attached notice indicates, an increase in the budget of $250,000 will be proposed.  This amount is funded through donations from the City of Philomath and other donors and will require little to no additional funds to be spent by the District.  Any questions related to the document can be forward to Bill Mancuso, Director of Finance & Operations, at bill.mancuso@philomath.k12.or.us.

Notice of Supplemental Budget