Budget Committee

Budget Committee VacanciesThe Philomath School District has 2 vacancies on the Budget Committee. 

This volunteer position is vital to the continued growth and sustainability of the district.

The procedure for review and appointment of budget committee members will be as follows:
Notice of Vacancy Issued September 1, 2022
Candidate Information Sheets Due September 30, 2022
Board Review/Interviews/Appointment October 20, 2022

Please find the application packet here: Budget Committee Vacancy Application

Please contact jennifer.griffith@philomath.k12.or.us for any questions.


Budget Committee Members

Board Member
Board Term Expires
Committee Member
Committee Term Expires
Karen Skinkis 6/30/2023 Craig McDaniel 6/30/2022

Anton Grube

6/30/2023 Christopher McMorran 6/30/2022
Rick Wells 6/30/2025 Carol Leach 6/30/2023
Erin Gudge 6/30/2025 Shelly Brown 6/30/2023
Joe Dealy 6/30/2025 Kimberly Lopez 6/30/2023


Alternate:  Terry Ball