Superintendent Message

Welcome to Philomath School District where our vision is “to graduate EVERY student and transition each into a job, training, or college!”  How do we do achieve this?  We focus on building strong relationships among and between our students and staff.  We emphasize that every student who goes to school in Philomath will have a choice of doors to open upon graduation.  We believe that all of our children possess strengths that are assets in the classroom, and we strive to leverage those strengths to benefit all of our kids.

In Philomath, our schools are smaller than in many communities.  This allows for staff to know students not only by name but by interest.  We are large enough, however, for students to have a variety of learning experiences both within and beyond the classroom.  Students may be using technology tools to collaborate with peers on editing essays, or they may be actively managing a working forest.  Elementary children may be learning to swim in our Clemens Community Pool, and middle school kids may be building simple speakers to amplify their smartphones.  Classes such as choir, band, German and Spanish are offered alongside courses in health occupations, manufacturing technology, business, culinary arts and forestry.  We are proud to have music instruction beginning in kindergarten, as we believe strengthening a student’s mind requires deep dives into academics, the arts, and activities. 

Please take time to explore our schools through our website.  We take pride in our incredible staff, and their ongoing commitment to each child’s success is evident every day.  These pages reflect but a portion of the team’s work, so I encourage you to contact me via email with any questions you may have after navigating the site.

Together in leading in learning,

Melissa Goff